Techno-Visionary is an independent market research, consulting and advisory office based in Tokyo, Japan and focused solely on the broadband wireless market. Dr. Hideo Okinaka, Principal, leverages his thorough understanding of the technical, business and product issues that has been gained through his long and deep experience in the wireless industry.

Hideo Okinaka



A visionary 38-year veteran of the wireless industry with technology and business development expertise. An independent consultant now. Most recently, served as Executive Adviser at KDDI. Prior to that, assumed a VP responsible for the corporate-wise standards strategy and the technology scouting for possible use by corporate business at KDDI, from which he retired in March 2012. Previously, as VP of Business Development at the KDDIfs mobile business unit, au, drove the globally first large-scale implementation of over-the-air firmware update of mobile devices, FOTA, in cooperation with a Silicon Valley-based startup. Until 2003, worked on the global CDMA cellular mobile standard and its commercial launch, leading to one of the first large-scale deployment of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO in the world, an IP-centric and best-effort-based mobile data system. In the past, played a leading role of the TDMA-based cellular mobile system standardization and its commercial launch in Japan. Also worked on the bidding for offshore mobile licence auctions and succeeded in securing a licence in Paraguay. Started his professional career in 1977 as a mobile satellite system R&D engineer accomplishing the commercial system design and specification of the first global digital-based mobile satellite system standard named Inmarsat-M/B. Proven track records of driving global standard initiatives, e.g., the Board of Directors of CDMA Development Group (CDG) and WiMAX Forum, and the Chair of 3GPP2, as well as innovative contributions to the business operations. Received B.S. in Applied Physics, M.S. in Physics and Dr. Engineering in Communication Science from Waseda University.